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What is POD?

POD is a digital cloud based system that keeps all your documents across multiple sites in one location, showing your trading energy history, budget status, energy reports, and even validates your bills automatically. Its the perfect cross departmental collaboration system for business energy.

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My sites / Summary tab

In ‘My sites’ you have access to a range of powerful tools that present data that is site specific or related to all sites depending on what option you choose from the site menu on the left hand side.

Summary tab

On the left hand side you can select and search for specific sites that you would like the contract information for. This is split into regions to easily locate it for multi-sites. (1)

This gives you all the contract details for that particular meter, whether it be gas, electric or water:

  • Contract details
  • Rates you are on for that specific meter
  • Site details, i.e. address and client ref

Also see a trail of contacts with Pulse since working with us, you have the ability to click into past and future contracts to see the same summary page but with old/ new rates. (2)

The current supplier and tariff information is also clearly displayed. (3)



Related documents


Depending on what site you are on, you can click on the related documents tab, this will bring up all energy bills which are uploaded when released from the supplier and stored in chronological order, saving customer paperwork and filing time as all is now stored on POD.

Signed contracts all located on POD.

PODemand Energy Reports / energy usage reports stored in POD and uploaded by default at start of each month but can be more frequent if you prefer (3)


Budgeting Tool

Choose a date range across the top depending on your financial year(s). (1) Once this is adjusted, you will be provided with a budget. Using Half-Hourly data, POD generates real time budgets.

The actual budget is shown by dark blue bars, projected budget of months that have not passed are shown in light blue bars. (2)

Each month the budget will be updated as a month passes, an actual figure will be inserted and the bar will go dark blue.

This can be done on a site by site basis or alternatively you can select all or several to show the budget for whole portfolio or partial portfolio depending on how many meters are selected.

This means budgets are kept up to date month to month and not once at end of year.



Bill Validation


The notification number next to the “bill validation” tab represents how many validation errors there are for this site.

The pie chart represents the amount of bills that have been validated over the date range that is selected by you. In the picture it’s a 12 month range. (3)

Reasons for not passing bill validation are shown on the ‘validation error’ column. You can view the incorrect bill by clicking the ‘view’ button. (4)


Trading Tool

Full visibility of energy trades with our Trading Tool
Trading Graph.

The trading graph shows when we purchased and how those decisions performed in the market. (1)

Forecasted and Fixed Volumes Graph

This shows how much energy has been bought at any given time and what is left to buy.

Market to market position

This shows the purchased positions in comparison to the market. (2)
Summary of purchasing

This shows the date and volumes bought by us.



PODemand energy reporting


POD gives you access to PODemand a powerful energy reporting system.

Timely and accurate data collection

Data you can trust from the top-performing independent data collector and integrator (1)

Powerful energy performance reporting

Change how your organisation uses energy with our engaging multi-platform reporting tools. View and analyse all your half hourly meter data through our PODemand reports.

From these reports you can detect and eliminate energy waste and gain both a detailed and broad picture of where, how much and when your organisation is using energy – across all utilities. (2)

There are hundreds of reports to review and each one is accessible on demand in POD.


Licensing POD

Are you an energy supplier, energy broker or consultant?

POD is also a complete CRM system for energy and water suppliers:

Functions Include:

1. Manage MPANS, MPRNS, Water Meters contract data;

2. Create tenders;

3. Invoice suppliers;

4. Manage group accounts; 

5. Send terminations and create renewals;

6. Manage accounts through activities trees;

7. Integrates with VOIP and Outlook;

8. Integrated with Zendesk for query management;

9. Analyse all your financial, pipeline, customer data;

10. Provides a client output portal (see

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